Arr./ Composers Meet the the most creative arrangers and the most talented composers. They made up theme musics, created of symphonic news and served of "Masterminds" behind numerous famous recordings. They arranged and composed all the styles of Music for recordings and live events since the competitions until Concerts of charity. Many times, a producer had a visionary idea without to know by where to begin. The arranger intervenes such as talented musician with the Know-how to organize the colors of an orchestration until the final mixing. He understands the way which allows the artist to shine and in the result to stand the test of time
___________ ___________ Lloyd Barry, Arranger/Composer Genre:: Black Gospel ____________ ____________ Phillip Keveren, Arranger/Composer Genre: Various ------------------ ----------------- Carl Marsh, Arranger/Composer Genre: Various _________________ _________________ Conni Ellisor Arranger/Composer Genre: Various *** ******* *****
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Lloyd Barry
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Phillip Keveren is a composer, arranger, orchestra conductor & piano player established in Nashville. He worked for many artists such asJohn Tesh, Ronan Jeremy Camp , Scott Kryppayne , Sandi Patty & Travis Cottrell . The compositions and distinctive piano arrangements of Philip are featured in "The Phillip Keveren Series" ( Edition Hal Leonard). He realized many instrumental recordings.
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Lloyd Barry is a composer, arranger independent professional located in Nashville. Trumpet player with over 30 years experience. His skills & expertise in music, composition, music production, writing, recording, the sets, the music industry, piano & recording studios, make him one of the best arrangers / composers in the US.
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Grammy-nominated Carl Marsh is an arranger / composer who is part of the North American recording industry for over 30 years. He began his musical career at the age of 5 at the piano, adding the bassoon, recorder & guitar at the age of 12. By the time he reached the age of 20, his skills extended over more than thirty instruments Among the first Karl influences, Blood Sweat and Tears, Charlie Patton , Maurice Ravel et Nat King Cole.
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Conni Ellisor is a songwriter & violinist of excellence. His credentials include degrees from the University of Denver & the Juilliard School.. She also knows an absolute success in virtually every facet that includes the music industry, as as violonist, arranger & Orchestra conductor. She is also a composer whose works have been recorded by major labels and broadcast width nationally ... by N.P.R. (National Public Radio in the United States)
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