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Ben oïder is the founder of Epyac Jylb music. He's carrying a new look on the International music and influences in the industry. He takes care of the smooth running of business in the enterprise. his collaborations and partnerships are among the recognized professionals of the industry having worked with international artists in multi-platinum discs.
Ben Oider
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Anna G.
Anna is associated in the name of the company as vice president of EJM. As an International communications specialist, she also has expertise to place and promote an artist in the marketplace of international distribution. She is also Producer. Add to that her constant collaborations with artists, she has met around the globe, are among the best recognized professionals in the industry. "Its a wonder that woman can get it all done".
A new way for saying business !
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Laure F.
Laure is associated in the name of the company, as an A&R coordinator. She specialized in the search for new artists, and has a expertise in the supervision and Design of new albums. She speaks several languages fluently such as Hebrew, French, Italian and Chinese.